#Christchurch: Who is the attacker on the mosque of New Zealand?

49 people died in attacks on two mosques of Christchurch in New Zealand on Friday. But the question is still uncertain as to who did this attack.

According to the information received so far, this whole event was streamed online on Facebook and Instagram. The person streaming is Brenton Trent. However, these videos have been removed from Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter has also suspended their account.

They can be seen brutally firing on men, women and children in Al Nur mosque.

This man posted violent right-wing ideology objectionable documents on his account.

The police have said that three people have been detained and a man accused of 28 years has been charged with murder charges.

On Friday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed that the man in New Zealand custody is a citizen of Australia.

Morrison said that the person is 'right-wing terrorist'. He said that New Zealand would cooperate in Australian administration investigation.

The person appearing in the video has used a helmet camera for the live stream. The video of this whole incident has been broadcast on Facebook, in which people are being shot and chosen.

The attacker has broadcast the entire video of going through the car and attacking the mosque and getting out of the mosque. During the Bosnia war between the attacker car in 1992-95, the marching of the Serbian nationalist paramilitary forces unit is ringing.

This song is praising the Bosnian Serb leader Radown Kardashich. Kardashich was convicted of genocide and war crimes.

Apart from this, the names of the people on the attacker's arms were written to those who were guilty of killing Muslims and refugees. The names of historical battles between European countries and the Ottoman Empire were also written on their weapons.

Australian media say that Brenton Tarantans is originally from Grafton who is 600 kilometers away from northern Sydney. He used to work in a gym first.

His former boss Tracey Gray told Seven News, "He never showed extreme ideology or any insanity attitude."

In a document of 16,500 words, Tarantant had said that he was planning an attack after visiting Europe in 2017. Due to the incidents there, he was angry

In particular, he mentioned the truck attack by the alleged IS supporter in Sweden, the election of Immanuel Macro in France and the ethnic diversity in France.

They have also said that they want to avoid this attack so that more fear spreads. According to the document, he planned to attack the Al Nur mosque three months ago.

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jasidan Airdon has said that no person detained was on the list of security surveillance.

He told reporters, "The police are interrogating the people detained, so at this time I can not say much about them."