Facebook Gaming Tab Launch For Learners Of Playing, Learn How To Work

The social media platform Facebook has launched a Gaming Tab for gaming fans. Facebook users will now see a different section of the game on the main navigation page. From here, users will be able to visit the Direct Gaming page, where they will be able to see many fancy games options.

Along with this, he will also have an option to follow the popular groups of the game. Not only this, in this new tab, users will find many new content related to the game according to their interest.

By clicking on the new gaming tab, users will see several instant games that they can play with their friends. According to the reports, users will also see updates from videos of top streamers and game publishers and many other groups in this tab.

According to the company, around 700 million users worldwide play seven video games. To bring all these people on a platform, the company has launched this separate gaming tab on its platform.

Facebook has started rollout this feature, it will soon be available to all users. The company says that he has been working for the past several years to bring this feature.

Facebook said in a blog post that he is also working on a separate gaming app, which will be launched for Android users first. There will be many strong features in it, for which feedback is being done at the moment.