Know how the world is voting, where does the penalty seem

The date for the Lok Sabha election in India has been announced, the first vote will be on April 11. While the political parties of the country get involved in the campaign before elections, there are many such countries where weird - poor voting is done. Let's know ...

Voting by putting marble

African countries are a unique way of voting in Gambia - Voters use marble instead of voting paper. Voters are given a marble. After which they cast a marble piece in the drum dyed according to the candidates. Let me tell you, the picture of the nominees in the drums is taken.

Feel free to vote here

There is a provision of penalties for not voting in 22 countries around the world. In Australia, you have to pay $ 20 if you do not vote for no reason.

Here is the day for voting

In certain countries, the days of voting are fixed. Like in America, voting is done on Tuesday. Voting is on Monday in Canada and on Thursday in Canada. There is no fixed day for any week in India for voting.

Votes can give at the age of 16

Where the age of voters is 18 years in India, there are some countries where the age of the voters has been fixed for 16 years. These countries include Austria, Nicaragua and Argentina. Voters age in Indonesia and Sudan have been fixed for 17 years.

Russia can not become president twice

In Russia, the first term of any President was four years, but after the change in 2012, the term of the President has been made for 6 years.

Age of voters who were 21 to 18 years old

After the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984, Rajiv Gandhi was made the Prime Minister. Rajiv Gandhi's tenure is remembered for many important decisions. One of the most important decisions was the right to give 18-year-old women the right to vote. On December 20, 1988, legislation was passed in parliament to reduce the age of voting from 21 to 18 years.