This way prevented the earth from getting hot?

To fulfill their wishes and needs, man has brought the material to the brink of death. The atmosphere has been so bad that now it is being said that it is not possible for the people to live in the days to come. In this environment of despair there are also some people, who have saved hopes. Perhaps Kudrat is also trying to understand this human being's attempt and is pointing to ways to save himself.

There was so much pressure under the famous volcano Mount Pinatubo that the silent sitting volcano erupted suddenly. With this, crores of tons of ash turned out to be a thick layer in the sky for about ten kilometers. The sun's rays did not reach the ground due to the shed of the ashes. The temperature of the world decreased to about 0.6 degree Celsius.

The explosion in Mount Pinatubbo is said to be the second largest explosion of the twentieth century. With this, the researchers realized a way that why creating harmonious clouds and preventing the harmful rays of the sun coming to the ground would be stopped. This will prevent the earth's temperature from increasing.

Although many measures are being taken to prevent climate change, they are all inadequate.

According to the report of the International Panel for Climate Change, by 2050, the world will have to bring greenhouse gas emissions to zero. But recent reports show that the emissions of carbon dioxide gas is rising rather than decreasing.

A report from the United Nations in November said that all the countries of the world will have to take steps to prevent emissions of harmful gases as soon as possible.At present, due to the snow present on the poles of the earth, about 30 sunsets of sun turned around.

Similarly, sea ice returns to the harmful rays of sun for approximately 90 percent. At the same time, the open-water sea absorbs 94% of the Sun's rays. Global warming is on the rise due to rapid fluctuation in the Arctic sea ice.

The scientists believe that if we create such a surface in a scientific way, which can turn the sun's rays back towards the sky, then it can slow the earth's warmth.

That is why making an Artificial Reflective Surface is being considered.
Work on some projects has already begun. Among them are the consent of the American National Academy of Sciences and several other committees on Marine Cloud Brightening and Solar Geo Engineering Project.

Professor Stephen Salter of Edinburgh University of Scotland is playing a key role in this campaign. Professor Stephen was researching the ocean pollution in the 1970s due to ships. Then they found that in the same way the airplanes make the trail over the ocean in the same way as the ships carry the pollution behind them.

Clouds shine due to these trails and the sun's rays stop due to the brightness of the clouds.
In 1990, Britain's scientist John Letham also presented the theory of making white surfaces. For this, he thought of spraying sea salt. Although it was very difficult to spray the way spray machines were prepared in the beginning. But the new design machines will overcome these problems.

It will ship unmanned hydro foil which will be controlled with the help of computer and wind power. This machine will prepare a thick layer of fine particles of sea salt towards the clouds. Professor Sollter says that the cost of this project will be less than the United Nations annual Climate Change Conference expenditure. For this, spending 10 to 20 million dollars per year will be spent.


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