If this person was not there then the world would have ended, know the amazing story

You might not be able to recognize this picture of this person. But do you know that if this person was not there then maybe this world is not even there? It did not know how many billions of people and how many civilizations were rescued. The name of this person is Stanislav Petrov, who was the Colonel of Russia.

Stanislav Petrov showed his sense of rescuing the world from the threat of Third World War. An important decision for them had been postponed by the nuclear war between the United States and Russia. At that time, Petrov was 44 years old and was stationed at Russia's nuclear warning centre. Petrov's departure was just a matter of time left to clear the alarm on the radar screen and warned that the US was going to launch missiles on Russia. But Petrov, rather than losing consciousness, took it to the task and refused to share that information with the people.

Petrov felt that the information could be wrong. For a few seconds, he got into thinking that he did what he did. On this, he heard the voice of his heart and decided that this information will not be shared with the rest of the people and his accomplices.

After this, Petrov called on the satellite radar operators and said that there is some technical flaw in the Early Warning System. But when the investigation was done, this fear proved right. There really was some error in the system and for that reason, it was looking at the wrong alarm and the information screen.

Petrov looked intelligent and the result of that is that the Third World War is not there. Because of them, the world survived the destruction. That is why Petrov is also known as 'Man Who Saved The World'. But sadly, the world that saved Petrov in 2017 himself settled from this world.