One person is buying for Rs. 3 crore nike moon shoes set, you know why?

A man liked Nike's shoes. That is made of 1972. He bought. The price of this Nike moon shoes is 3 crores.

The name of this pair of shoes is 'Nike Moon Shoes'. They were auctioned in New York. The price was $ 437,500. According to Indian currency, the case is fixed at Rs 3,01,88,375.00. Keep doing unit-tenth-hundredth-thousand.

Who buys these shoes?

Miles Nadal from Canada has bought these shoes. He is a businessman. Even he has a private museum. They are going to keep this shoe there. They have 142 antique cars. 40 are old bikes. Miles loves bigger things than the old stuff. They like to preserve antique things.

This shoe is very special

Moon Shoe was an important product in the history of the Nike brand. Nike co-founder Bill Boverman designed it. The shoe was made for runners during the 1972 Olympics.

Only 12 shoes were made

Only 12 shoes in this model were made. Miles says, 'I am very happy that a rare pair of sneakers' world was manufactured by Nike. Which reflects the authenticity of art and pop culture in the history of sports. When I first bought 99 pairs, I knew that Naik had a cliche left and that happened.

Earlier this was the most expensive shoes

In the year 2017, there was a shoe bag signed by the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. Converse had this shoe. The price was $ 190,373. According to Indian currency, Rs. 1,31,37,926.29 This record was broken by Nike's shoes.


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