Puja Batra's first picture of marriage, How to start their lovestory and why to get confused when she married

'Heritage' Actress Pooja Batra came to the headlines at the time when she got married secretly with actor Nawab Shah. Pooja and Nawab shared many photos together on their social media but did not confirm the marriage news. Now for the first time, Pooja has given a statement about her marriage. Also, some pictures of this new couple have also come up.

'There is no question of delaying after this. So now we are married We married Arya Samaj on July 4th. We will register our marriage this week. ' Pooja and Nawab just dated each other for 5 months, after which they got married. Pooja talked about this too.

He said, 'I knew Nawab because of his work in the film industry. In February, one of our friends reunited both of us. After this, our bonding became stronger. I think we can meet again at the right time. We are emotionally alike and these emotions are available at the right time. '

Pooja and Nawab are celebrating their honeymoon in Goa these days. She said, "In the early days of our relation, Nawab had come to take me to the airport. At the same time, he wanted to propose for marriage but he became nervous and he left the idea. Then they propose to me in Delhi. After this, he came home with my parents to meet my family members. '

This is the second wedding of worship of Pooja Batra. Pooja was married to Surgeon doctor Sonu Ahluwalia in 2002 and went away to America. 9 years later both of them got divorced Now Pooja gave love another chance. Pooja has got a true life partner as a Nawab.


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