Rahul Bose's eyes were watching the bill of two bananas, now the hotel Taj announced a new policy. The people were shocked

Actor Rahul Bose posted on social media on Wednesday that he has been in constant trend on twitter. Users share experiences shared with themselves by writing 'Rahul Bose Moment'. In the video, Rahul had told that in a five-star hotel, two bananas paid a heavy price and paid Rs 442. After this video, the user started trolling the hotel.

Rahul was in the hotel JW Marriott during that time. Rahul said, "I am shooting this video in Chandigarh. This JW Marriott Hotel has a beautiful suite. Actually, after working out in the gym, I got two bananas, I was given it but just look at the bill. ' Now this time Taj Hotel trolled the Marriott Hotel in a fun way.

A user tweeted that an announcement was made by Taj that he would serve the guests as a compilation of the season. Other users looking at this announcement of the Taj started trolling the hotel.

One user wrote - 'Well Plaid Taj.' Another person wrote that 'Wah Taj'.

A user commented, 'Please do not order the banana.'