UEFA Champions League 2019 Final: Boyfriend's 'XXX' promotion of Russian porn website, wearing a bikini, a Russian model roaming in the field.

UEFA Champions League 2019: After 14 years on the Football Champions League Cup, Liverpool have won the title for the sixth time, defeating Tottenham 2-0. During this time a female fan entered the swimming dress itself. However, the security guards standing there caught him immediately and took him out of the ground.
It is being said that this work has been done by the woman to promote her boyfriend's XXX website. The woman's name is Kinsey Wolanski, who is the girlfriends of former porn star Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

Let's tell you that this video of Kinsey Wolanski has got a tremendous surge in the Instagram site after being viral. According to the news, more than 400,000 people watched this female model on Instagram within about an hour.

Let us know that this fight was held in Madrid, Spain. Significantly, Liverpool's team has reached the finals for the second consecutive year and till now 9 times. In 2018 final, Liverpool had to face defeat at the hands of Real Madrid.

At the same time, Tottenham's team reached the final of the Champions League for the first time. At the same time, there was a clash between England's two clubs after 11 years in this competition. Earlier, in the final of 2008, there was a clash between the teams of Manchester United and Chelsea.