Why the founder of the Cryptocurrency Canceled 32 Cr with lunch with Warren Buffett?

On Thursday, lunch was arranged between two rich people of the world. The cost of this lunch was $ 4.6 million (about 32 million rupees). But now this lunch is over. In fact, Justin Sun, Founder of Cryptocurrency Tronics (TRON) and World's Most Famous Investor Warren Buffett was going to have lunch together on Thursday. But on Tuesday, Justin Sun's company tweeted that Justin is sick. Because of this, this lunch can not be done on Thursday. Now the new date for this lunch will be fixed.

Justin admitted to hospital

TRON announced Tuesday that it would be a postpone for Justin and Warren Buffett's lunch by tweeting Tuesday. Actually, Justin got sick due to kidney stones and was getting his treatment. Both parties agreed to do this lunch on the other day.

What is the whole matter?

The 28-year-old Justin Sun won the lunch bid with Warren Buffett last month for $ 4.6 million (about Rs 32 crore). It was by far the highest bid for lunch with Buffett. It was told that now the Glide Foundation will receive the money from the bid for lunch with Warren Buffett.

What is the Glide Foundation?

Glide Foundation is a charity organization in San Francisco, which helps homeless people. According to the report, Buffett has given 210 crore rupees to Buffett 'Glide Foundation' through the dialects of the last 19 years.

World's 11th biggest Cryptocurrency

Justin Sun introduced CryptoCarson Tron in 2017. According to CoinmarketCap.com, currently the world's 11th big cryptosystem in the Tron ​​market cap, which is valued at $ 2.5 billion.

Buffett does not trust money

Yes, Borren Buffett does not believe in cryptococcus. He has also told Bitcoin to be dangerous and ridiculous with rat-hit drugs. However, they soon have to make lunch with the founder of crypto.